CASE STUDY: Automated win-loss insights to improve the win rate for an enterprise technology company


Our client was losing market share among seven major product lines to different competitors, causing serious concern to the management. They invested in running a structured win-loss analysis program to collect win-loss data by interviewing various sales functions and generating insights on tactics to beat competitors. The program was unable to cater to its objectives because of the sheer scale of the organization – number of product lines, large geographic presence, and volume of deals

Enter BRIDGEfunnel, the industry’s first automated win-loss analysis product that uses AI to enable win-loss insights at scale. By deploying BRIDGEfunnel, the client has been able to set up a seamless win-loss analysis process given its deal-level recommendations and highly personalized tactics on open deals in real-time. 

With BRIDGEfunnel, the client has been able to boost the win rate on major product lines and is on the road to achieving revenue maximization.

The right sales strategy can make or break an organization!

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