Improving CRM Compliance using Guided Selling

To Tick All Boxes in CRM, Choose Guided Selling

CRM compliance is of the utmost importance for most enterprises today. CRM compliance leads to increased sales visibility, high forecast accuracy, and development of winning sales strategies. These, in turn, contribute to revenue optimization and hence guarantee a steady growth rate for enterprise companies.  
Although the benefits of CRM compliance are known to all, the statistics continue to be poor.

The 2019 salesforce usage report cites that (58%) of survey respondents believe that up to 80% of their Salesforce data is not useful or reliable.

Most enterprises have complex sales processes and team structures. Influencing CRM compliance across sales motions, geographies, and teams is a daunting task that most sales operations teams are faced with. 

Here is why we believe CRM compliance is low:

  1. Behavioural: Most sales reps feel they are being monitored and hence will not provide an accurate picture of every deal.
  2. No incentive: The only incentive is for sales reps to record won deals because they are tied to bonus payouts. There are no incentives for sales reps to record deal stage movement in a timely manner!

How do we counter these beliefs?

Guided selling is gaining a lot of traction as a new form of sales enablement. Through guided selling, sales reps are able to get contextual insights at every stage of the deal empowering them with a sound strategy for every deal.  

An example of guided selling: Imagine sales reps working on selling a mix of products or solutions. Guided selling recommends sales tactics at every stage of the deal: 

  • At the qualification stage, guided selling provides insights into the right positioning of products & solutions. 
  • As the deal moves forward, it highlights the right product features or solution architectures to position
  • At the solution stage, the right relationship to leverage and right collaterals to share
  • Towards the end of the deal, the focus is on the right bundling and pricing strategy

To uncover these insights reps are motivated to record exact characteristics of the deal at every point in time.

These insights act as an incentive for sales reps to enter the correct data in a timely fashion. By entering the right data, they get the right insights, which ultimately help them win that deal and achieve more bonus payouts! 

With guided selling, enterprise organizations can achieve CRM compliance, increase their win rates, and achieve steady revenue growth across product lines and business units.

To know more about guided selling and its benefits, watch this webcast!